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Brˇna Murphy

Dr Brˇna Murphy is a Lecturer in Language Education at the University of Edinburgh where she teaches at postgraduate level. Her principal research areas span corpus linguistics, spoken discourse, and sociolinguistics. Her work, which has received funding from the British Academy (2010-2012) and the Carnegie Trust (2013), looks at how corpus linguistics can be used in sociolinguistics, and has largely involved investigating small specialised sociolinguistic-oriented corpora to explore functionally-motivated linguistic variation across social groups. Brˇna teaches and publishes in these areas as well as supervises Masters and PhD dissertations and theses. Her recent publications have included a monograph entitled ‘Corpus and Sociolinguistics’ as well as chapters in edited volumes and articles in journals such as Corpora, International Journal of Corpus Linguistics, and Intercultural Pragmatics. She regularly presents her work at international conferences and is involved in international teaching and research collaborations with universities in Spain, Germany and Italy. In addition to being a member of CLAVIER, she is also a member of IVACS (Inter-Varietal Applied Corpus Studies), and is part of the British Association of Applied Linguistics (BAAL) Gender and Language Special Interest Group (SIG). She is also currently Convenor of the BAAL Corpus Linguistics SIG.á



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  • Murphy, B. (Forthcoming). A corpus-based investigation of pragmatic markers and sociolinguistic variation in Irish English. In: Amador, C., McCafferty, K. and E. Vaughan (eds), Pragmatic Markers in Irish English. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
  • Murphy, B. and Farr, F. (2012). ‘I’m fine girl, and how are you?’: the use of vocatives in spoken Irish-English.In: Migge, B. and NÝ Chiosßin, M. (eds), New Perspectives in Irish English. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 203-224.

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